Vullierens: Promotional 3D for Val-Gérance Sarl

This residence was designed by Architect Didier Charrière of Atelier DC and Nicolas Duvoisin of Valgérance Agence immobilière/Gestion du projet, both contributing to this modern structure that integrates well within the homes and farms of the Swiss traditional architecture of this lovely village.
This turned out to be one of the most delightful working relationships

developed during production and the refining process of changes and adaptations was a pleasure when working with two such fantastic gentlemen. The project ended up being larger than originally thought and the modelling of the property's neighbourhood surroundings added what was needed for the arial view render. For the restricted time given, we are proud of the results presented here.

Exterior and Interior renders with arial view for a new construction in a lovely little Swiss village: An entrance sporting four garages on the north side and lovely gardens with patios, swimming pools with decks; sun from morning until early evening on the south. Both east and west sides of the building have a balcony with a retaining wall offering privacy from the street below.

The green energy contribution of this structure is the solar panels that span 50 sq. meters on the southern rooftop. Not just typical panels for this home, but tiled rectangular panels that fit within the space of the roof tile bevelled edges... discrete, efficient and attractive.

This video presentation shows numerous renders while presenting several resources for HDR lighting. Built with SketchUp and rendered with Thea Render, this collection of images is using HDRs for varied ambience and moods.

All of these HDRi images are commercial HQ. Each HDR used is named in the corresponding renders.