Qiam Missile Prep Room

Subject: 3D 360° Panoramic Render for Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance

Bonus: A series of KP renders exploring possible perspectives and views of the room; a model build by Nathan Hunt.

Kemp Productions presents our collaborative project with Nathan J Hunt, presenting his beautiful model of an underground launch preparation room for an Iranian Qiam missile. This 360° panoramic reconstruction was made using SketchUp and Thea Render and is presented on the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance's website here.

The Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance is a non-profit organization advocating the development and deployment of missile defense for the United States and its allies.

Founded in 2002, by Riki Ellison, it promotes United States Government missile defense strategies and technologies. The organization is based in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington D.C..

KP is credited for Room Lighting, Thea Render & Consultation but, it's for being able to work with Nathan's solid, well textured model that made this a pleasure to light and render. We are proud to present you this collaborative, remarkable setting and imagery.

Lighting Priority:

Using the reference photo of the Qiam missile from the actual prep room as a guide, room "temperature" or the lamp's colour was established to stay faithful to the ambience presented.

However, varied lighting can be found in other videos and photos as well. So, the room's signature lighting was replicated while adjusting the "tone" of the renders to reflect other sources.

Nathan's efforts in faithfully building an accurate and realistic model is evident in the selection of textures for the room's surfaces. His diligence for constructing a reliable replica of the room rendered here, made it a pleasure to produce the lighting that exhibited his work accomplished.

"Kemp Production has been a valuable partner in adding the finishing elements to provide clients with the best results possible." - Nathan Hunt

The 360° VR Panoramic View

This "Director's Cut" gallery explores different nuances, camera positions, perspectives and views of the principle production. With the model confined within a single room,

these test shots and KP renders are explorations of the limited but available space.

"The Qiam is a short range ballistic missile produced by Iran. Declared operational in 2010, the Qiam has a reported range of approximately 800km (497 miles), is liquid fuelled, and carries a payload of 746kg. The missile is purportedly based of the design of the Shahab-2, but does not include stabiliser fins as to reduce the Qiam’s radar signature and allow for higher velocities during reentry.

As a road mobile system, the missile can be fired from any location. According to Iranian officials, the Qiam is equipped with multi-reentry vehicle warheads (MRV). The missile’s MRV capability enables it to evade missiles fired from missile defence shields." - source - MDAA