Le Moulin de Rivendell

J.R.R.Tolkien's elven city "Rivendell" was a place of rest, healing and refuge. This Rivendell is the renovation project of an old Swiss mill by international teams of qualified volunteers sharing a new vision for history providing rest, healing and refuge.

Rivendell Mill : Restoring an Age Part 1

Rivendell Mill - Rise of the Iron Hood/Version 2


View images of Le Moulin de Rivendell built in 3D

Architectural blueprints (plans) in Print and 3D

Architectural designs and construction blueprints of carpentry, heating, electric installation, sanitation, drainage,
wall construction and landscaping.

Rivendell Renovations: Down The Tubes

This is to show how the blueprints were made and from what shots. The print version of these house plans at 1/50th scale and will continue to be adapted as the house metamorphoses.

Rivendell Renovations: Balcony test

This is to present to the engineer as my proposition to compensate for the weight load of a larger balcony without wall mount support via a skeleton of internal I-beam attached to the load bearing L-Beams holding the floor itself.

Rivendell Renovations: Down The Tubes

This is a close look at the plumbing scheme of the house from top to bottom. In and out of the house and through the pipes we go. Hope you enjoy it.

Architectural blueprints (plans) in Print and 3D

Rivendell Mills Walls PT 1

Architectural Plans: Duane Kemp

Renovation Supervisor: Duane Kemp


“Bravo !!! C'est extraordinaire cette entreprise !! Merci de nous partager tous vos efforts et vos combats... it's worthy!!”
Muriel Dubois
“Wow! Most people would see an old building, but you saw something else.... I'm amazed at your vision and determination!”
Angie Englehorn Green

Case History

For more detailed information about the step by step renovation process and development of this work. Click here