3D & Communication

Client: Pierre Étoile

Mandate: Creation of the 3D & communication for sales website for real-estate of Vue-lac in Lutry, Switzerland

Originally, the promoter talked to us in winter of 2013, wanting us to start immediately for the planned promotions in Spring 2014. However, because of different oppositions through the permit process, he contacted us with an urgent call a year later.

The project's tailor-made communications, branding, website development and 3d visualisations defined this work. The architecture was created by architect Gabriel Rossi in Pully, Switzerland.
This beautiful, contemporary architecture has 13 luxury apartments, each having a unique design and a gorgeous view overlooking Lake Geneva (Lac Léman). Our mandate was to find a name, create the corporate identity of this promotion, develop the communication for a multiple of needs as well as the creation and production of the 3D renders for the main images: 3 exteriors with 2 interior shots.

Communication & 3D for Vue-Lac Lutry real-estate promotion

Exterior 3D renders

The challenge of this mandate was that we originally negotiated to have a drone and photography on site to take images from the property location during the spring of 2014. However, when the call finally came through, it was winter again a year later. There was no way to take photos of the trees and the view in winter for summer shots. So, the long process of constructing the neighbourhood, slopes and view began. Additionally, we executed the modelling as was mandated but the promoter became less inspired by the direction he chose, mandating additional work that required building the forest, trees and buildings on another full side of the model.
This particular work was challenging in that the direction given seemed quite secure, but metamorphosed several times, requiring numerous additions to the model that were never planned. Yet, despite the short and non-negotiable deadline, we delivered what you see here. Though we would have liked to have completed the complete vision that would have pleased us more, the deadline was met and the project hit the printers on time.

The people used in the model are 3D, the trees are proxies of real tree models and not the cardboard backgrounds used in photoshop. This means that when the sun position is changed, or the sky background lighting is changed... the model is responsive and reflects the ambience directly within the scene.


We created a website in responsive bootstrap to allow the user to have a nice presentation on every desktop and mobile platform. The concept was to have generosity in size of pictures, knowing that the renders would be nice, animations on the content, making it more dynamic. As well, we worked with the principle that all should be optimised for the SEO. We didn't want it to just be pretty. We wanted to make sure that our client is well referenced on google. Knowing that real-estate is an aggressive world on referencing, we made sure that the structure and the content were optimised for the SEO. The design, layout and visuals by KP, the programming and development by partner MDM and the SEO (referencing) by another partner, myimageconcept.

Construction panel

The size of the construction panel is 3 meters tall by 6 meters wide. To render the image to that size, it took 50 hours for the computer to generate and render the geometry in the image. The entire image is produced in 3D. They was some light touches in Photoshop in post-production. But all the trees, people and grass were within the RAW export, built within the 3D model.


Numerous, unscheduled supplements to this project required for us to make some difficult decisions that cut corners in order to deliver it as rendered for an unchanged deadline. Though pleasing, we were not able to insert and render the transition from the apartments to the lake model. As it is in the interior shots, it looks as though the balcony is floating over the lake. The missing transition needed was the vegetation on the south side of the building on the hill descending to the lake. These elements are essential in communicating scale and perspective. Unfortunately, we were not given the authorisation to add these assets and finally concluded with interiors as they are presented above.
The missing transition mentioned is built and we will present a retro-look at the project with an addition of new renders revealing the difference. As these new renders are not covered by the mandate, these "Finally, it's done right!" images will be for our own "sense of completion" renders. But, until we have the new "Artist's Special Edition" visuals of this model fully rendered (being done in the available time), we are proud to show you above, what was produced under the pressure of getting the brochure and site published for sales and marketing for an urgent deadline.

"The Kemp Production team are professional, original and heartwarming. They are equally immediately responsive and dived into our project. We were able to get consistent communication media with the branding of our project" - Julie Zweili, Marketing Manager

13 Plans

13 plans were created for the sale's team on A4 format. Those plan can be downloaded on the website directly.


For the brochure, it took a few layout propositions until the client was happy with this final version. We proposed a new format of brochure than the habit because the promotor was already using a bigger format on other promotions. The advantage of this format is you can fit the brochure in a regular envelope (B4) and it's really pleasing to handle and manage. It's not too big and not to small, but... just right. The paper we used is profitbull form Fisher paper with a soft feel to the touch.
You can view the online brochure on issuu here.