3D & Communication

Client: LMD

Mandate: Creation of the 3D & communication for a new app/device that uses a Smartphone to accurately monitor your Vital Signs !

Leman Micro Devices has developed a Smartphone Blood Pressure System” ™ (SBPS). Which proposes a brand new and personal way of measuring your health!! LMD conceived the application to allow people to measure their blood pressure with medical accuracy with their smartphone, needing only the use of a finger!! A world premiere and a product first like it. The application the group of engineers deliver also provides medically accurate values of blood oxygen, heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature and a one-lead electrocardiogram that is small enough and cheap enough to be built in every smartphone (not an add-on accessory) automatically that collects and archives your health values.
Knowing that your smartphone is always with you, it's a solution that makes monitoring your health as easy as checking your email! This startup company at the EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), approached us for all aspects of the the design. The mandate was originally to develop corporate identity visuals (branding), help research for the name of the app, create the UX design for the app and to conceive and produce an animation as a visual user manual. We spent allot of time with this wonderful team of programmers and engineers to help concretely construct a public interface to assist users in visualising and understanding their vision. The adventure continues. We present a part of this ongoing mandate with more to come and we invite you to follow along with us in this adventure.

Communication & 3D for Eledmy®

Creating the main elements for the app's design

Graphic development for communicating the six main elements or functions of the app, included the creation of six graphically related icons.

Designing the app

The design work in ongoing. Here is few sample screens of the continuing work in progress.


3D visualisations

KP created a 3D animated presentation as well as renders and still shots.

Final video test 1

Final video test 2