Emblem/Logo design for Tokyo Olympics 2020

Competition: Exclusively for Japanese or Foreigners living in Japan

KP proposition: As a Swiss design company, we could not qualify to enter competition as it is limited to Japanese or Foreigners living in Japan. Yet, it provoked a desire to create a Brand Identity for the pleasure and creation though not for submission

Corporate Branding

Using the same criteria as the competition, the principle idea was to incorporate the human form and origami as elements to form a secondary form with a mix of facial features and the animal kingdom. Without wanting to be so specific to eliminate the imagination of the viewer, one might see a face, a crab, spider, mask as well as the duet of two human forms in athletic dance.

Competition Criteria

Key concepts to incorporate into
the creation of the design were :

"The power of sport"

"Japonese-ness and Tokyo-ness"

"World peace"

"Personal Best and Utmost Efforts"

"Sense of Unity and Inclusion"

"Innovativeness and

"Reconstruction and
the Power to Rise Up"


Presented here are some brainstorming results.

Swiss Sushi

The amount of times that one sees "Shōgun", the television series based on James Clavell's 1975 novel, having DVDs like "The Last Samurai" or "Geisha" in a collection or enjoying Sushi... serves nothing in the way of qualifications when the contest is open to the Japanese citizenry only.
But, if, for only a day... we wish that it would be possible to enter with this project. The pleasure of this design work was well worth the attention given. We hope you enjoy it as well.