3D Visualizations & illustrations: LeShop.ch DRIVE

Client: LeShop.ch, Switzerland's number one online supermarket

LeShop.ch is the leading swiss online supermarket.
June 2012 annoucement: Turning of the first sod for the new LeShop.ch DRIVE. This free collection service will allow customers
to pick up groceries within 2 hours of ordering.

Mandate: conception & creation of illustrations & animations for Swizerland's first LeShop.ch DRIVE.

KP was mandated to create the Terminal's 3D user manual video as well as the four llustrations to demonstrate the steps
of the DRIVE operation. The original mandate was to build icons for the LeShop.ch website and iPad version with the beginning
of the builds and animations for the Terminal operations manual. Delivery date was the 31 August. One supplementary video and these
4 illustrations were mandated in September and delivered by the end of the month. Public Release and Opening Day was the 19 October.

Kemp Productions' conceptual design inspired by the Project's architectural design and plans by Atelier Oï

LeShop.ch mandated these four illustrations of 380 x 380 Icons presented here.

However, for presentation of the modeling and scaled layout of this project, we have reproduced these four icons with wider angles and different views.
While our presentations do include portions of the contracted work, we have produced this collection of new and original HD 1080 images to facilitate the exhibition of the investment beyond the
company's mandate in both complexity of the 3D build and it's lighting.

We are very proud of the work that contributed to make LeShop.ch illustrations come to life and here we present our self-produced gallery of imagery and video for you.

LeShop.ch DRIVE terminal operations 3D video manual

7 small 3 - 5 seconds long animations presented here in one pass (Director's Cut).

LeShop.ch DRIVE Shopping Caddie

Before the completion of the model, we were sent plans to build the shopping caddie chosen to be used at the actual
store's new DRIVE location. This is the presentation of the final result of the caddie build and its application whithin the model.

3D animations: Our storyboards validated by LeShop.ch and realized for DRIVE terminals.