2012 winning holiday 3D renders

This year's Holiday greeting to our clients and friends was made via a SketchUp + Shaderlight render with Photoshop graphics conveying our well wishes for the season.

However, "Une Suite des" images became realized through a secondary inspiration.

Originally fallowing the announcement of the SKETCHUP TEXTURE CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE 2012, a series of images were rendered from one large singular model.
The first contest rule was this...
"you can use the proposed model, or create a Christmas scene in outside "snowy" of your choice"

Kemp Productions elected to use the proposed model as it was provided. This illustrates the downloaded model "AS IS" prior to our work.
After a week and a half of building and modeling, the first image was rendered.
Actually, this image is a larger than normal Hd 1080 and took 24 hours to render the single image
"Grandma's 1969 Christmas Party"
SU & Shaderlight.
The second image was smaller than the first but when it rendered at normal HD 1080 occupied 29 hours to do.
"How Many Tom & Jerry's DOES it take to change a lightbulb?
In the first two images, a typo existed and we released the incorrect date of 1969 despite that the youngest model incorporated within the build was from 1959. Therefore subsequently the titles reflect the original date of 1959 inspiration for the build.
The third render image render took only 19 hours! They are getting shorter!!! :-)"
"Grandma's 1959 Christmas "Nativity"
"Grandma's-1959-Idaho-Holiday" was only 18 hours of rendering
Grandma's-1959-Culdesac, Idaho was 20 hours
And with this last image, our last Holiday Render is finished. Happy New Year to all!

Kemp Productions, winner of the popular vote - Christmas Challenge 2012.

Step by step

The series of build and lighting tests during construction reveals the progress.

These images and build would not be possible without those whom have contributed with their previous works that I have manipulated, reshaped or renovated. To give thanks now, the models that I downloaded from 3D Warehouse for this scene are from these sources that deserve the credit.
- Snowy Spruce by KlasuL-FIN - Christmas tree - HAPPY NEW... by Tihon - Hitchens' Hay Barn by ixboat - Elk River Ranch Hay Barn by ixboat - 1939 Ford Pickup Rat Rod by dabedaab -Nash Ambassador (1950) by chad3006 - tractor 1950 Massey Harris "30"... by kenandkathi -1959 Skylark Wayer - updated by TomSkylark - Hay Wagon by thebiz - Nativity Scene by KizArch
3D People:
- CLEANING LADY by MAX GRUETER (I adapted the dress) - DRIVING YOUR IDEAS by MAX GRUETER - PERSON WITH LIGHT BULP by MAX GRUETER - VALENTINA TERESHKOVA /... by MAX GRUETER - 3D WorkingClassHero 14 by MAX GRUETER - 3D Female Cowgirl Character by Antics - 3D People by muratgulmez - LOW POLY 3D FEMALE by LOAFIN ANDY - Snow man by JP - Santa by SceneCaster -Christmas tree - HAPPY NEW... by Tihon -Pile of rocks by Intresto - Fire Hydrant Mk2 by IDW - Collection mailbox by SketchUp - Mailbox by Chrysoskies - Street Segment by Penman - A Christmas Story House by Frankenpaper - Santas Sled by T.O.M. with Reindeer and Santa by T.O.M.
The Divco Milk truck was purchased from Proactive Intenational under the name of FVV2V103-PRO 1950s DivCo Milk Truck Pro / Item# FVV2V103-PRO Everything else not mentioned here is of my own creation or build."