KP(4M) Modelling Mini Models in Models

Virtual presentations of "Tabletop" 3D models for sharing with clients, partners and public without risk of damaging models!

Inspired by the request from a swiss architect if Kemp Productions can model 3D visualisations of a tabletop architectural model, this is our response... with a twist of flare.

The concept is simple: Instead of building complex scaled physical models, sometimes an enormous budget of time and money, to present ideas to customers, clients and or public, risking damage via curious, unforgiving fingers and inadvertent curiosity, we propose the following.

Our idea is to present their customers our new "Modelling Mini Models in Models" (4M) services.

Demonstrating scenes with different lighting, (DOF) Depth of Field, Glare and color settings, creating views and perspective not obtainable with physical models, shows the versatility and multi-purpose application of virtual presentations. These models can be animated with cameras placed within the streets, close to the ground plane of the model, overhead and further away to convey the architectural concept.

Advantages are, the presentation can be sent to a client without issues of risk to the asset, post a webpage for all to access and even embed a video to reveal the "space" and situation of any project without scheduling meetings where both or many concerned parties or partners are mutually available.

For conveying the "Model in Model" concept, we chose a model from or work history to construct the presentation. The table model is Residence Michelange from a project from 4 years ago, as it made a perfect example for the goal of presenting an architectural model/maquette as would be revealed in an architectural office setting. Originating from our production work for our client INDUNI, for the sale of the luxury apartments, the original design of the building itself is by Architect: RS Création SA in Switzerland. You can see the original project details here.

Additional Acknowledgement: Ceiling fan created by Niko Schatz.