Re-Branding of a Corporate Image

Client: Admiratif

Mandate: Creation of company logo and visual comunication

When Admiratif was a new business primarily marketing young adult women, KP was hired to create a branding corresponding to the energy and vision of the company's hair salon, nail salon and jewelry shop. What principle visual characteristics would best express the diverse attributes of this company's quality products
and services? We concluded that integration was the key for the visual communication of the new logo and brand label. The end result was a logo giving both signature and familiar line to the relationship between the three focal products and services.

Designing the new company logo for Admiratif

Client Testimonial and Referral

"As the owner of Admiratif, I can say that Kemp Productions' work went beyond all my expectations. They understood what I wanted. They give so much more than I could ever imagine. As well, the deadlines were respected. When I open my first shop, everything was ready. They are serious and sharp. I have had a lot of success with my company.
My clients keep expressing how much they are impressed with the quality of my corporate branding. What I also appreciate is that Kemp Productions' new design of my windows showed that my corporate logo is adapting very well and I just love it! I sincerely recommend this company to all business.
Sara Gerber, Owner of AdmiraTIF"


These above are some of the brainstorming results researched, worked and presented to pinpoint the validations for final production.