The article "Contrecarrer l’amateurisme dans l’IT" published vendredi 2 oct in "Journal des Arts et Métiers." is in french by journalist François Othenin-Girard. We offer an Enlish translation of his words for our readers here.

Thwarting amateurism in IT

KEMP PRODUCTIONS - A communications agency specialising in graphic design, web design and 3D helps SMEs
(Small/Medium Enterprise).

Two propositions that can not be repeated enough: SMEs need outside expertise to enhance their IT. Then, with regard to their website, amateurism is harmful. It's in Puidoux, Corinne and Duane Kemp created a communication agency in 2005 specialised in graphic design, web design and 3D. Originally, Mr. Kemp comes from Idaho, U.S.A., music composer for film, musician and actor (see box). Mrs. Kemp also has many bow strings, a trajectory in graphic design (Art School of Vevey and the famous catalog Veillon, where she was responsible for the Catalogue) and additionally, training in web design at Eracom in Lausanne.

What experience do you have? "We launched the 3D department in 2011, explains Corinne Kemp. For 3D, we integrate the technique of moving pictures and animation, the images of what you can see now on some real-estate sites, with guided tours produced from exterior and interior still images. These videos are then placed on YouTube. These virtual 3D creations can be both still images or animated. In addition, we produce still and animated images also for prototypes, objects and logos."

Corinne and Duane Kemp offer solutions with two other Swiss partners, MDMweb (development ) to obtain the best possible code and My Image Concept for SEO referencing and efficient positioning in google results - " what has become an imperative for competitive SMEs. "

"We were amazed to discover the number of business websites that aren't even responsive" says Corinne Kemp. This means they are not suitable or obtainable from a smartphone or tablet." Where habits (trends) have evolved at high speed.

Against Flash, HTML5 win

The user has a hard time believing that there are still compatibility problems in our day and age. Yet this is the case with smartphones particularly: "Just a few years ago, many of the sites were operating in Flash with a plug-in that allowed to export our animations, said Corinne Kemp. But later, this language lost its popularity to HTML5 since negotiations between Apple's Steve Jobs and Adobe Flash petered out . Subsequently, it became impossible to view the flash sites notably on iPhones and iPads. Flash has become obsolete as a result of weaknesses in security and the great difficulty of search engines to read it and draw some relevance of any kind."

The Kemp duo demonstrated their creativity: "We invented an auditory app, a kind of memory game that allowed the user to recognise identical sounds, developing audio awareness, recalls the designer. This Flash site was awarded by Eracom in 2000 with an Award of Excellence."

" Content optimised for the web "

What is Kemp Productions dream today? "We have made investments in very powerful computers for 3D and now we are ready for this challenge to help SMEs explains Corinne Kemp. We want to allow them to create good content optimised for the web, for both their communication and online distribution, and that their relevance is still optimal for readability and evaluation of google spiders (robots). This is a creative and semantic work on the code and the contents of the structure. "For an effective response, it takes about a year of monitoring. "With 15 000 francs, we can already do something good."

Already present on Lake Geneva, this SME wants to expand the French-speaking market and Switzerland.

François Girard - Othenin


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