The Seagrove Beach House

Subject: 3D Model and Renders for Sater Companies

Building the home from original 2D sketches and creating a series of renders for this wonderful architectural firm

Architect Dan Sater of The Sater Companies and Andrew Johnson of Jadee Construction and Restoration developed this wonderful Florida coastline home. For years, homes by Sater Group have awed and inspired. A new design by the architect himself, Dan Sater, this was an occasion to construct from the ground up. Initially building from original sketches, the master plan was to provide two views only... one frontal shot and one image from the back. As simple as that initially sounded, the plans required an extensive build of all four sides of the building.

It was later communicated the desire to have the ocean in the background, the types of vegetation were communicated as well and implemented as requested. Thinking that this would be a couple weeks of work at most, more time was required after the building was validated to create a believable ambience and realistic setting in which this home is perched... on top of a beach head on the beautiful white sands of Florida's coastal waters. Fact is, so much went into the modelling and detail, it would be a sincere shame to not present the project in it's larger scope. For this reason, we proudly present the Seagrove Beach House renders.

Exploring with light

Varied day and nighttime renders

With the final construction panel print poster delivered, the schedule afforded more time to capture images that revealed work not exhibited in the mandated shots.

This also gave the liberty to express artistically with new skies, times of the day and lit pools for nighttime scenes. This explains why there are morning sun, midday, dusk and nighttime renders in this collection.

"Duaneā€™s artistry helped my client become comfortable with the concept, allowing me to move forward with the project." - Dan Sater

The mandate began with the reception of these two sketches showing the views required for the two 3D visualisations.

What was not originally understood or clear from the provided sketches was the surroundings and environment the property was situated. However, once Sater Group provided google map views and onsite photos, it became obvious that this house was sitting on a paradisal beach front with several challenges for the 3D. The scope of the project jumped up considerably for us.

This "Exhibition Edition Gallery" explores different nuances, scenes, lighting, environments, perspectives and views of the principle

production, exhibiting the size, details, elbow grease and the bucket of passion that poured into the making of this 3D project.

First project

The original house designs were of yellow walls, white trim and blue corbels. As JC&R requested a render for the construction panel, it accompanied a request of modifications to the colour scheme, making the home white with beige trim and brown corbels.

Since the time was needed to switch out textures for the new colour scheme, additional vegetation and details were added... hence, this new collection of the Seagrove Beach House Renders. When the new renders above were finished, they replaced the original version of the project found here.


The delivered construction panel ended the mandate and the list of collaborators on the poster says it all. The following companies are responsible to build this most attractive project.

We can't wait to see the final "real world" build these collaborators create: The Sater Companies, Jadee Construction and Restoration, Windham Studio Inc. Landscape Architecture and Southern Engineering.


While in the process of designing a beachfront home for some of my favorite clients, it was clear visualization of this extremely narrow and vertical home would be needed. I could think of no one better to turn to than Duane Kemp to bring my initial concept to life for my clients. Working from little more that rough early sketches, Duane masterfully executed the 3D model.

More importantly he was able to place the model onto the physical site, giving clients a clear sense of the conceptualized home in place. Many thanks to Duane Kemp for his creative talents.
- Dan Sater, CEO at Sater Group