Creation of a website, film, animations, music & sounds

Client: Dasnair

Mandate: Creation of a website that integrated music and sound with the production of promo film that introduced the site (2005)

This is the Dasnair website media presentation. KP was responsible for film, music, sound, graphics, programming and final presentation of this multimedia flash website. The music theme for the film was composed and produced, then applied in different
styles for the 3 departments represented on the site. The goal of course was to have a client interaction with the presentation of the company and its services. This site represents four months of work from conception to delivery.


We suggested an introductory film, drew up the story boards originally to show a flash film exactly as this is presented. However, the images were better than originally planned so, the video became a reality. We finally received the model of the new Dassault
aviation Falcon X7 and filmed it in the studio with a green screen. The clouds and background are a combination of video I took from pilot test flights and photography from our friend Claud Bossel of Numeris. You can see more of his fabulous work at


The archived website can be viewed here