3D model and render for Sater Group

Building the home from original 2D sketches and creating a series of renders for this wonderful architectural firm

For years, homes by Sater Group have awed and inspired. A new design by the architect himself, Dan Sater, this was an occasion to construct from the ground up. Initially building from original sketches, the master plan was to provide two views only... one frontal shot and one image from the back. As simple as that initially sounded, the plans required an extensive build of all four sides of the building. It was later communicated the desire to have the ocean in the background, the types of vegetation were communicated as well and implemented

as requested. Thinking that this would be a couple weeks of work at most, more time was required after the building was validated to create a believable ambience and realistic setting in which this home is perched... on top of a beach head on the beautiful white sands of Florida's coastal waters. Fact is, so much went into the modelling and detail, it would be a sincere shame to not present the project in it's larger scope. For this reason, we proudly present you the Hatcher Beach House renders.

Renders delivered

Mandate began with the reception of these two sketches showing the views required for the two 3D visualisations.

To provide the requested views, the whole of the building needed to be constructed for the perspective shots. Finalised, these two images

were delivered as corresponding to the original request and final selections by the architect.

The construction process began on the two facades. Full building sketches were provided and several weeks later, the building was pretty much complete with minor changes in materials and additions made during validations.

What was not originally understood or clear from the provided sketches was the surroundings and environment the property was situated. However, once Sater Group provided google map views and onsite photos, it become obvious that this house was sitting on a paradisal beach front with several challenges for the 3D. The scope of the project jumped up considerably for us.

This was an exquisite project to work on. It was a desire for a long time to be able to collaborate on a project such as this.

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